The Listing Utility provides a means to create printouts of satellite position data for later reference. It is comprised of six tab-selected pages.  Listing data are displayed on the screen, and can also be printed to a printer, printed to a file, or captured to the Windows clipboard.

Button functions

Visible: This button will highlight all the lines for which the satellite is above the horizon. 

Setup listing: To change the satellite or observer, or set limiting options being used in the Listing utility.  You will be taken to the proper Setup screen. Note that the satellite and observer(s) used in the Setup utility are independent from the satellites and observers in any of the tracking Views.

Hide/Show squint: If the Listing page that is displayed contains a column for Squint information but the satellite doesn't have these data, you may want to suppress the squint column.  Currently, only AO-40 has squint data.

Erase Selections: Click this button if you have made some selection in the listing but want to erase them.  This does not erase the data; it merely removed the colored selection.

Hide/Show selections : Click this button to display only the selected lines of data.  Click it again to reveal the unselected lines again

Printer button to print to a file.  You will be presented  with a printer setup screen to configure the printout.

Capture Listing : Click this button to send the listing to the Windows clipboard or to a file (ASCII text, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel format)