Meade LX200 astronomical telescopes are the most popular "serious" telescopes in the world.  In addition to outstanding Schmidt-Cassegrain optics and robust mounts, they offer precise, fast computer control for pointing via software.  Using an LX200, it is possible to view the larger satellites (such as Space Station Alpha) as they orbit the Earth.
Meade LX200 telescopesMir photo by Dave Harvey  Nova for Windows directly controls the Meade LX200 telescopes.  

In order to control the LX200, the telescope is first placed in Alt-Az configuration and properly aligned.  A serial cable (available from Scopetronix) connects the computer to the telescope.  

Select the LX200 from Nova's list of "antenna control" interfaces in the Main Menu/Setup/Antenna rotator menu.  No other changes are necessary unless you need to set the serial port to a new value.  Deadband values are not relevant because the LX200 takes care of pointing.

ISS/Shuttle photo by M. Kozubal & R. Dantowitz

Amazing photo of Space Station Alpha 
and docked Space Shuttle
(M. Kozubal & R. Dantowitz)

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