Notice: the LabJack PiggyBack board is now sold out. 
We do not anticipate another production run.

NLSA's LabJack PiggyBack board is a companion to the LabJack U12 which allows the U12 to interface directly with the Yaesu G-5400/G-5500 control boxes.  

The LabJack U12 USB-based multifunction data acquisition and control device is an excellent, low-cost choice for antenna rotator control.  It offers 12-bit precision, connects via USB, and requires no power supply.  It is also remarkably inexpensive.  However, the U12's digital outputs cannot control  with the Yaesu rotator control boxes directly.   The LabJack PiggyBack overcomes this limitation.

The LabJack PiggyBack is a small circuit board that contains interface circuitry, four LEDs to indicate rotator activity, and an 8-pin DIN connector.  No external power supply is required.  It also includes a 1.5 meter (~5 feet) shielded cable with 8-pin DIN molded plugs on each end so you don't have to fabricate one.

LabJack PiggyBack is mounted on the LabJack U12 
by routing its ten wires through terminals on adjacent strips.

LabJack PiggyBack contains interface circuitry, LEDs to show rotator activity, and an 8-pin DIN socket.

The PiggyBack board comes preassembled.  It is installed by routing each of its ten interconnecting wires into the adjacent screw terminal on the LabJack U12 and tightening the screw.  Installation takes less than one minute.  An 8-pin DIN cable (supplied) plugs into the PiggyBack board DIN connector and into the DIN connector on the back of the rotator control box.  

In Nova for Windows, select LabJack for the antenna interface and you can be ready immediately.  Nova for Windows ver 2.1v and later has default values built-in.  Here is some more information about LabJack's use with Nova.  

LabJack PiggyBack was designed by Mr. Terrig Evans of E.T. Electronics, Napier, New Zealand, in collaboration with NLSA. 


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