Note: As of June 26, 2001,'s FTP site is completely shut down.  
To use FTP with Nova, you will need to find another site.  
Alternatively, you can use Nova's HTTP download facility.

Nova includes a facility to automatically download Keplerian elements via FTP. By default, the site that Nova uses for elements is

Recently, Celestrak changed the layout of their site and older versions of Nova must be changed to reflect this change. 

If you are finding that Nova's internal FTP function is no longer working, do one of the following:.

Method 1: Update your copy of Nova to the latest version/build.  Go here to do this.  If you choose the "Quick update" then you will need to do Item 2: File Names below.  If you do the 4-file update, this will not be necessary.


Method 2 : Do both items below:

Item 1: Password: Re-enter the FTP password, using any e-mail address.  "" works also.


Item 2: File names: In the Configure FTP screen, click on the FTP file select   button to open the list of files to be downloaded.  All file names must be changed to eliminate the "pub/" part.  To facilitate the change, you may download these two files:


They should be copied to the same folder as Nova for Windows executable file NfW32.EXE and replace files by the same names that are already there.